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Victoria Heart Specialists Near, Apsley

Melbourne Heart Care doctors are accredited and work out of several significant private and public health centers. Our administration, tech and nursing team are all very skilled and prepared to offer support to our patients.

Melbourne Heart Care offers comprehensive expertise in all subspecialty locations of cardiology, backed by a friendly administrative assistance team.

Melbourne Heart Care provides all-encompassing, modern centers at our primary rooms in Brighton. We likewise have various consultation and testing services at our other sites in Hampton, Moorabbin, Bentleigh East, Mulgrave, Clayton, Rowville, Warragul, Alexandra, Wonthaggi and Morwell.

Victoria Heart Technologists Apsley
Heart Surgeons
Melbourne Heart Care was developed in 1996 by Dr Jeff Alison and Prof Ian Meredith and has actually grown since then to consist of 22 cardiologists ensuring that no matter what your heart sign or condition is- we have the ideal doctor for your care. Our skilled administration, nursing and tech team offer assistance to our doctors and guarantee quality care and support to our patients.

Victoria Paediatric Cardiology Apsley

The team specialises in the diagnosis and management of both congenital and obtained cardiovascular disease (actual or presumed) in infants, kids and adolescents, and likewise in the management of intricate congenital heart illness in adults. The team likewise has extensive training and expertise in non-invasive imaging in congenital heart illness throughout life, the crucial method being echocardiography which is non-invasive, painless and radiation-free.

Victoria Heart Rhythm Management Apsley

A group of 5 cardiologists comprise the team specialising in heart rhythm management. With experience at significant health centers both here and overseas, they have the ability to treat such conditions as atrial fibrillation, cardiac arrest, heart block, hereditary conditions such as long QT syndrome and Brugada Syndrome, pregnancy related arrhythmias and other conditions requiring pacemaker and defibrillator insertion.

Victoria Interventional Cardiology Apsley

Our team of extremely skilled interventional cardiologists carry out countless angiographic procedures between them each year. Dealing with all patients who experience symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath or have known coronary artery illness our patients remain in excellent hands.

Intervention methods through an artery consist of stenting and valve replacement thus preventing the requirement for more intrusive heart surgery.

Apsley General Clinical Cardiology Victoria

As basic cardiologists we are involved in the diagnosis and management of a lot of heart conditions. We have undergone extensive training in non-invasive imaging methods consisting of echocardiography & CT coronary angiography. Some of our team have likewise trained overseas in heart MRI use and reporting. We have access to the best centers and the most as much as date equipment.

Practice Nurse Victoria

Our team of doctors is supported by our practice nurse Cathy who is an exceptionally valuable property for our patients. She has actually been with the practice since 2012 and is a friendly familiar face that many of our patients are being familiar with well.

Cathy is available to offer patient education, answer patient medical concerns (or communicate between patient and doctor outside of consultation) and likewise carries out ECG's previous to patients seeing their cardiologist.

Apsley Administration and Technologists Victoria

We have an extremely skilled administrative team of dedicated and caring personnel.

Our Practice Management team is comprised by Jo (who has actually been with Melbourne Heart Care since 2003) and Deb who joined in 2007. Our friendly assistance team are happy to help our referring GP's and patients with all their consultation needs for assessments, tests and procedures.

For patients, it is important to guarantee that your outcomes are available at the time of your consultation with the doctor- we work hard to make certain all relevant information is available before you arrive to see the doctor.

We always guarantee we can help GP's with patients they feel require urgent attention.


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