Does apple cider vinegar clean arteries?

If you believe the stories written about apple cider vinegar, it is a miracle cure for just about anything that ails you, from curbing the appetite to detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system, treating arthritis, and improving circulation. That’s a tall order for a brew made from fermented apples. But there’s no evidence to back up most of these apple cider vinegar claims.

Acetic acid is the substance that gives vinegar its distinctive smell and sour taste. A synthetic cousin of acetic acid, called ethylenediamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA), attracts some dissolved metals. It is used in cases of lead, mercury, or iron poisoning to pull these metals out of the bloodstream. A dubious practice called chelation therapy involves repeated administration of EDTA. Chelation therapy is hyped as a way to clean out the arteries by dissolving cholesterol-filled plaque. This is based on wishful thinking, not science.

Apple cider vinegar is a terrific ingredient in foods, sauces, and dressings. It isn’t medicine. Taking too much apple cider vinegar can lower blood potassium levels and may not be suitable for your bones. If you choose to make a tablespoon or so a day, rinse out your mouth afterwards — straight apple cider vinegar can erode the enamel on your teeth.

Being one of the most vital organs, the heart pumps blood and provides the oxygen and nutrients your body needs to survive. So, it’s essential to keep it as healthy as possible to avoid diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hypertension.

The Center for Disease Control reports that more than 102 million Americans have levels of cholesterol that are above a healthy level. With the fear that fat and cholesterol can weaken the heart and pose a threat for strokes, can taking apple cider vinegar help? So far, the evidence is still small.

“A lot of Americans have high blood pressure,” says Doctor Dennis Godby, a physician in natural approaches at the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center. “There has been evidence, especially in rats, that apple cider vinegar can reduce hypertension and high blood pressure.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 1-in-3 Americans have hypertension, which are blood pressure levels that are higher than average, and even though that humans are different from rats, this does show promise. 

“In the limited evidence we have, apple cider vinegar can help improve your lipids of cholesterol,” says Medical Doctor and Endocrinologist, Jaiwant Rangi. “CholesterolCholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease, so once you improve on that, it can improve diabetes control and improve weight loss. All of which goes positive for heart health.”

The high-density cholesterol in your body, or good cholesterol, removes bad cholesterol from your arteries and helps fight heart attacks and strokes. By consuming the vinegar, you’re increasing bile production and helping support your liver, which is both very important for processing and creating good cholesterol.

So, if you’re worried about your heart or if you just want to be heart-healthy, it might be worth a shot to take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. of water. Just be sure to include a proper diet and exercise because the vinegar alone isn’t enough to prove it can help.

Clogged arteries are a significant risk for coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease, angina and cardiac events. Alternative health practitioners say that it’s possible to unclog the arteries with vinegar. This functional food may improve blood lipids, but it’s by no means a cure-all.

What Causes Clogged Arteries?

Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is a leading cause of heart disease and cardiovascular mortality. This condition causes plaque build-up inside the arteries, reducing oxygen-rich blood flow to your heart, brain and other vital organs.

Plaque, which consists of cholesterol, calcium and fatty substances, gradually accumulates on the artery walls. Over time, it can limit or block blood flow and affect organ function. This may increase your risk of peripheral artery disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, stroke and heart attack.

This condition is more common among people aged 50 to 60 years old, reports the American Heart Association. However, it may also affect younger adults. Sometimes, it develops in childhood and progresses over the years.

The exact cause of atherosclerosis is unknown. Most experts believe that it may result from a combination of factors, including cigarette smoking, elevated blood lipids and hypertension. The Mayo Clinic points out that lack of exercise, insulin resistance and diabetes may play a role, too. Also, individuals with a family history of heart disease or obesity are more likely to develop this condition.

Most risk factors are interdependent. A sedentary lifestyle, for example, can result in weight gain and obesity, which, in turn, may lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. Any of these conditions may increase your risk of atherosclerosis and its consequences.

There’s a good chance that you or someone you know has had experiences with high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against your artery walls, sort of like water in a pipe when you turn on a faucet. The blood is pushed from your heart to other parts of your body. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and PreventionTrusted Source explain just how standard high blood pressure. 

One in 3 American adults, or about 75 million people, have high blood pressure.

About half of people with high blood pressure don’t have it under control.

In 2014, more than 400,000 deaths were caused by high blood pressure or had high blood pressure as a contributing factor.

Apple cider vinegar is seen as a popular “cure-all” for many illnesses and conditions. These include stomach upset, high cholesterol, and sore throats. Indeed, this treatment dates back thousands of years. The ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates used apple cider vinegar for wound care, and in the 10th century, it was used with sulphur as a hand wash during autopsies to help prevent infection.

Studies show that apple cider vinegar may play a role in keeping your blood pressure low. However, it should be used alongside other treatments and lifestyle changes as well. It’s not a “cure-all,” but it may help.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heart Blockage

Arteries are blocked due to hardening and thickening of the artery walls. If the high cholesterol builds up on the artery walls, it reduces the blood flow that can lead to stroke or heart attack. The main culprits of arteries blockage are excessive intake of white sugar, fats and high-cholesterol foods.

Some common symptoms of blocked arteries are acute discomfort in the centre or left side of the chest, indigestion, heartburn, tightening of jaws, tiredness, general irritability, and lack of enthusiasm especially for physical activities.

However, there are many natural remedies like Apple Cider Vinegar for blocked arteries. Scientifically 90% of people get relief from high cholesterol in just 30-40 days after using this remedy.

Apple cider vinegar is a cure for many health problems, including heart disease. ACV contains magnesium, potassium & lots of other vitamins, minerals & enzyme. ACV is commonly taken with water regularly. This tonic also has valuable nutrients in it, and it helps to alkalize the body.

It lowers the triglyceride level. Triglyceride causes fatty plaque along the arteries. This build-up may cause blockage of blood flow or a sudden rupture, causing heart attacks or stroke.

Lowering of cholesterol is made possible by the substance known as pectin, which is found in apples and its vinegar. Pectin is a complex carbohydrate, a soluble fibre. Pectin has many beneficial health benefits. The way it works on the cholesterol is that the LDL (lousy cholesterol binds itself to the pectin, and is then carried out of the body as waste.

You can drink apple cider vinegar (ACV) straight, mix it in teas, sprinkle it over food or salads or apply it topically.

You can also drink it by adding two tablespoons of it in 100 ml of water, only once in Morning on an empty stomach, do not drink or eat anything for 45 minutes after that.

Or by adding two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water, half an hour before the lunch or dinner.

If you or your relative or any of your close one have any problem related to heart or cholesterol, then he must take a mixture of ginger, garlic, lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar to treat it. It is a traditional tonic which is given by Mohammad Paigambar to his followers. It is his secret formula which is still used by Arab countries, but it is not known and famous in India.

According to the Times of India report, about 60% of death in India happens due to Heart Attack. With this natural tonic, 90% of blockage can be reduced in 6 months. People who have already gone through Angioplasty, there will be very fewer chances to get back the blockage again. In India, the total expenses of Angioplasty are about 2 to 5 lakhs. After the operation, the body becomes weak, and the medicines give lousy effect on liver and kidney. If you have a problem of high cholesterol level, then you should take this tonic for at least 3 to 4 months in a year.

This traditional natural tonic detoxifies the body, reduces the pain, maintains the blood pressure level and reduces the weight. If you face difficulty in extracting the ginger-garlic juice, then you can buy this tonic from Herbal Daily site Call on 0294 – 2980185 for consulting with a doctor regarding health-related issues.

Researchers have only started looking into how vinegar may help lower blood pressure. Most of their studies have been conducted on animals and not people. While more research needs to be done, some studies show that apple cider vinegar may be useful.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Anecdotal evidence suggests that you can unclog the arteries with vinegar. Some people even use apple cider vinegar for peripheral artery disease, a common complication of atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, no single food can prevent or cure these disorders. It’s your overall diet that matters.

Apple cider vinegar may help, to some extent, when consumed as part of a balanced diet. This functional food has been shown to reduce blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol levels, which may help with atherosclerosis prevention and treatment.

Another research paper, featured in Nutrition Reviews in October 2014, states that vinegar may improve glucose and lipid metabolism. In clinical trials, this fermented beverage has been found to delay gastric emptying, stimulate fat burning and suppress glucose production in the liver. Most studies were small, so further research is needed to validate these claims.

A more recent review published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice in May 2017 reports similar findings. Researchers suggest that vinegar may reduce insulin and blood sugar levels after a meal, leading to improved glycemic control.

Furthermore, ACV appears to have beneficial effects on appetite, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and body weight, as reported in a small clinical trial featured in the Journal of Functional Foods in April 2018. It’s important to note that the study participants followed a low-calorie diet for three months, which may have contributed to these outcomes.

Possible Implications

Can apple cider vinegar dissolve cholesterol lining arteries in the human body? It would be simple to run a scientific experiment to study people before and after they are “treated” with a regimen drinking dilute apple cider vinegar once or twice a day for varying periods. Noninvasive doppler ultrasound exams could assess any interval change in the plaque burden over time.

Even if a minimal amount of the plaque is removed with each dose of ACV, the cumulative effects on blood flow over time would be tremendous! After all, it takes decades of cholesterol to build-up to cause the ill effects associated with atherosclerosis. Maybe a cardiologist reading this blog will consider formally researching this hypothesis?

My gut tells me, in more ways than one, that the dilute ACV should be drinking on an empty stomach. I suspect that if the ACV is taken while eating a fatty meal, such as in a salad dressing, the dissolving capacity of the acetic acid may be reduced. My suggestion would be to drink a glass of diluted apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach once or twice a day. I see no reason why the mixture cannot be sweetened with fruit juice or honey or even cinnamon. My bet is you’ll feel better quickly! Besides, if you are a meat-eater or enjoy eating eggs and other cholesterol-laden foods, add fermented foods into your diet regularly.

I just finished removing the crusted egg yolk from the samples that hadn’t been removed by the ACV, and it required quite a bit of elbow grease, a textured dish rag and detergent! Letting organic chemistry do the work was much less work!

Nothing Beats a Healthy Diet

When consumed as part of a balanced diet, apple cider vinegar is likely safe. However, no single food will reduce your blood lipids. The key is to change your eating habits and make smart food choices on a daily basis.

Fill up on foods that are low in fat, sugar and simple carbs, recommends the Cleveland Clinic. Swap “white” foods, such as pasta, bread and rice, for whole-grain varieties like wild or brown rice, whole-wheat bread, whole-grain pasta and sweet potatoes. Cut back on alcohol, soda, caffeinated beverages, iced tea and sugary drinks.

If you have a sweet tooth, make your own desserts at home using stevia, cinnamon, raw cocoa, low-fat dairy, almond flour and other healthy ingredients. Beware of hidden sugars, such as those found in fruit juices, deli meats, granola bars, sauces, dressings and flavoured yogurt.

Be aware that not all fats are created equal. The American Heart Association recommends limiting trans and saturated fats as they may increase blood lipids. Nuts, seeds, tuna, salmon, olive oil and other whole foods are rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fats may help lower bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


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  1. Hello im julian presas i like to read this because i have a problem my heart have bain clog .thats why i want to know how to cure in natural remedy.thanks

  2. I disagree with your dismissal of the benefit of EDTA on arterial plaque “based on wishful thinking, not science”.

    I had developed severe arteriosclerosis 25 years ago and went through balloon angioplasty with the comforting words that it may recur after a couple of years. I was also given a couple of drugs I was supposed to take for the rest of my life. I immediately developed severe anemia which I never had before as well as several other problems. I stopped the drugs right away and consulted a doctor who practiced EDTA therapy. I went through a course of chelation for about two months.

    One thing I noticed right away was that my vision had improved. My anemia also left me and has never happened again. Shortly thereafter I relocated to another state where I continued the maintenance course for a couple of years. It has been 25 years since then and I have lived a normal life and also travelled extensively and am still alive at 82.

    You also failed to mention that one of the reasons these therapies are not “scientifically proven” because they cannot be patented so the Big Pharma is unwilling to spend money to test something they cannot make a profit out of.

  3. Thank you Mr. Rex for speaking up. Myself and I’m sure many others are grateful for a truthful experience.
    Love and light to you.
    Jeanie Thompson

  4. Thank you for speaking up Mr Rex. Nobody wants to address the elephant in the room, why is the evidence is limited? Lack of proof is not proof. The medical and scientific arena today is so tainted and flawed that one either continues studying and working and supporting this flawed system for merit and profit or one exits the system as soon as one starts questioning this highly skewed system run by powerful factions Whose only interest is profit and more profit with the end result of health care that revolves around drugs, diagnostic and operative procedures that is not accessible for billions of men women and children.

  5. Can anyone help me tell quantity of ginger ,garlic lemon,honey to be mixed with 2 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar?Pls.

  6. I mix 2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons raw local honey. Then I add any of the following…1/4 tsp of turmeric, ginger, cayenne powder, garlic, or licorice powder… do not add them all, just a couple you like. Then add 2 to 4 ounces of clean water and sip till empty. I use this up to three times per day but more often morning and night. This is just sharing how I do it, there are no rules.

  7. Very helpful..I am now having 70%block in my left anterior descending artery..I am normal and taking allopathic medicine.. doctor suggest coronary angioplasty surgery..I am not interested..
    Can I go for chelation treatment??
    Please guide me..
    I hope this will help me..

  8. The information was very helpful. I think I will start this and make it a routine
    Every morning and every night.
    Thank you …. Thank you?…

  9. It’s a marvelous information and I was looking for it since last 8 years bcoz there was a lady I must say Very Good Lady from the US who met me and my wife in Train travelled with us from Lucknow to Delhi. She only let both of us know this ACV with amixture of ACV+Lemon Juice+Honey and to take two tea spoons empty stomach so we started but my wife could not take coz of its lil bitter in taste but I took regularly for about two months and it was really surprising that at the age of 60 my every artery was 100% normal in functioning even being a regular drinker and meat eater
    I am really very much thankful for this innovative ACV Idea of Doctors who have invented. I am starting it again actuallly I would have started even earlier also but I forgot the mixture with which I hv to mix it with due to short of memory I am facing these days.
    My name is B K Gandhi and I live in New Delhi India and I assure you this is really perfect medication in case of arteries are concerned.
    With Highest Regards for all who invented

  10. Mrs Margaret A Jones

    I have been taking ACV in water for about a year now. I only just learned about the garlic/turmeric additions to this so will give it a go. I was pre-diabetic but have now reduced my blood sugar to within the normal range. I do have a cholesterol level of 6.01 for which pharmacist wanted to prescribe statins. I wonder how long it may take to reduce the cholesterol also.

  11. Thank you so much for the information.
    I think this will be a good start for me as I suspect heart disease. I have congested chest and Ichy toes and numb fingers.
    Doctors are still working on it looking for the cause of the symptoms.
    I this this concoction would assist me in the process of diagnosis.

  12. I had a heart attack about a month ago and now have a stent. Am wondering if acv will work with cholesterol tablets? Or is it a waste of time thanks!

  13. I am struggling with a diagnosis. I have rapid onset of low grade fever, heart palpitations, tightening of the skin on my face, bladder cramping, massive chills, freezing hands, muscle aches, hot face and pasty mouth. It has happened now 3 times in past year and lasts about 4 hours I am very afraid of the heart palpitations goes to maybe 117 (I have a pulsesox) because this is nothing I can replicate on demand for Drs. I am prone to hight cholesterol as well as something is a bit wonky with my insulin. I am fasting for 2 days to try and get my body to reset. I will break my fast with ACV with honey and cinnamon.

  14. My brother at 56 years old has 95% blockage in one artery to the heart and 80 in another artery would this help him and how long will it take

  15. Who writes this utter garbage? The 1950’s notion that cholesterol independently and largely single-handedly initiates and creates atherosclerotic lesions is for those who are too lazy or too stupid to dig for the real reasons that create plaque. It is true that the root cause still eludes researchers, but it’s been unmistakably clear for a long time that the bodies’ own immune system plays a major role in atherosclerosis.

  16. About 1970, after testing, my mother was told by cardioligist that she needed quadruple bypass surgery.. i told a surgeon friend of the family anout the diagnosis.. she told my mother to come see her insted. She put my mother on few weeks of edta therapy and yhe sent her back to the cardiologist. Cardiologist examined my mother. Asgounded by new test results, she said to my mother ” i do not know what you did but your arteries and veins are as completely clean… Like a baby!”. That is why i am a believer… My mother lived 30 more years.

  17. Monica McKinnell

    Can I ask Mark to explain why he says, that the bodies’ own immune system plays a major role in atherosclerosis? I would be really grateful if he or someone else who might know could explain. Thanks

  18. ACV can reportedly cause gastroparesis in diabetics. That is slower than normal emptying of the stomach into the intestines, making it harder to control blood sugars and makes it easier to gain unwanted weight. Unfortunately, I found this to be true. Just a precaution. Some others studies says it safe for diabetics, so as with other home remedies one must use caution. Saying all that, it seems my BP has really struggled after stopping ACV. ?? Who really knows

  19. i had a heart attack with over 90% blockage on left artery on Jan of 2021. I found this very helpful and will try it starting today. i have a physical Exam next month and i will let you guys know the result.

  20. Rajendra kumar chowdhury

    I got heart attack on 2012 and angioplasty. Suggest how I use apple cider. Mob 9433797266

  21. Great info for us. Was told to take Atorvastatin for hyperlipidema but am going to try ACV for a while insread… May work! Worth a try!

  22. People who have already gone through Angioplasty, there will be very fewer chances to get back the blockage again.

    It’s means that people who have stents, have less chances to get blockage of their coronary artery again???

    I know that people with stents get much faster blockages on others artery .

    Maybe is there someone who can explain me .
    Thank you for understanding

  23. No, people who have angioplasty and stents have a VERY high chance of getting blockages again UNLESS they change their diet and lifestyle they WILL get blocked up again.
    NO animal products (meat, diary products etc All animal products contain cholesterol and will clog arteries. Our bodies produce all the cholesterol we need…animal cholesterol just clogs arteries. Plant foods help clear them.

  24. arterial walls is difficult. In fact, it’s almost impossible without the use of an invasive treatment. Instead, the best course of action is to halt plaque development and prevent future plaque buildup.

    When plaque (fatty deposits) clogs your arteries, that’s called atherosclerosis. These deposits are made up of cholesterol, fatty substances, cellular waste products, calcium and fibrin (a clotting material in the blood).

    As plaque builds up, the wall of the blood vessel thickens. This narrows the channel within the artery, which reduces blood flow. That, in turn, lessens the amount of oxygen and other nutrients reaching the body.
    Liver make 70% plaque 30 % from food
    To avoud heart attack get TMT DINE AFTET AGE IF 30 YEARS.

    Whatsapp me 00917736743113

  25. My Center Artery to my Heart was totally blocked, thought I had hearth burn for 2 days before I went to the hospital with a heart rate of 220, Da lol. I’m 56 years old and was told that there is nothing that can clear the plaque only time, along time, that angered me and I thought, no I’m going to be positive and just choose to believe this is not permanent and that I can recover, I quit smoke and Drinking and changed my eating habits, although, I love sneaking a big mac with out the wife knowing lol, this does make a lot of sense to me and frankly not surprised but delighted to see so many positive reactions to this I’m going to start, Some ACV and Lemon juice today, cant hurt and besides I love vinegar, yehaw 🙂

  26. There is this tablets called cardioton is there any one knowing something or information about them They say they also help to clean plague in the veins please can anyone who may have more information share it with us

  27. IM 58 THE LAST 5 6 YEARS HAD BAD BAD MEMORY PROBLEMS FINIALLY GOT MRI DOC SAID BRAIN FULL OF PLAC anyway had erictile dysfuntion also very bad last 5 6 years 5 months ago i started takign acv because i could barley put a stream out while going it would stop all the time a friend fishing with me herd me going and said that souldnd bad so he told me what he takes 2 ounces cider a day well i researched and i take 4 to 6 ounces a day for last 5 months in the last several months my memory returned not perfect but way better in last month my sex drive returned and my limp erection that failed on me now is rock hard and i can do it 4 times a week as before i did it once every 10 days and it would not stay hard sorry no other way to say it im going to heavy dose the apv 4 to 6 ounces for another month and back off to one ounce a day im also eating lots of bannannas to keep potassium levels up and taking other supplements tumeric multi vit etc have been for years as for edta my friends mother was so forgetful she did chelation in viens and her memory came back stayed good for 24 more years then went bad and she died old age i do occasionally take edta in oral form

  28. I love vinegar too, I made up the ginger, garlic, lemon, acv and honey brew to reduce the swelling in my feet. I was having palpatations and some weird thing from my arm and would travel across to the other arm. it lasted only a minute or so and stop. Took a few for it to go all the way and I don’t do doctors so I decided to practice on myself. the little spells went a way with in a month my feet went back to normal after 2 rounds, 21 days each, of the drink. Ive had to repeat the process once and am about to do another one. Obviously I haven’t changed my life style.I started the first round about 2 years ago and did another one about 8 months later as the swelling started to come back 21 days and gone again. after almost 1 1/3 year That little spell hit me out of the blue. I still don’t know what that is ad my feet are swollen sos I can’t walk right. I think I waited a little bit to long. It’s on the stove now.
    Oh one thing I should add as a disclaimer is along with the drink I also took a teaspoon of straight acv, remember I said I love vinegar, Well it doesn’t love me back. Some people can’t take the stuff. Thought I was having a heart attack. The chest pain was unbearable, really thought I was done. Couldn’t find the aspirin panicking then I thought its the acv I grabbed some baking soda mixed some in water and downed it, pain gone in seconds. I’ve never had heartburn I didn’t know. I ‘d been doing the teasp. for two weeks and had been having some discomfort a couple of days so I stopped that practice and left it out of the 2 following batches because my digestive system is all messed up to this day. No chest pains though.I do miss the taste of the mothers acv. I get the desired results without it so I’m kool. We can practice just like they do. Concoction is ready. Practice makes perfect. Thanks for the posts here. See a dr. for severe symptoms. Thanks. hope this helps someone. Best of health to all. Happy Feet.

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